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Dolores vom Marienstätter Hof

Of course we wanted to keep a bitch from Mathilda's first litter and Dolores has stolen our hearts.
Dolores is not quite as crazy as her mother, but she is a confident young bitch with a lot of nonsense on her mind. In addition, she inherited the love for water from her mother, she already competes with Mathilda. Dolores is our big clown, she is such a funny dog. She really enjoys training and is always enthusiastic about what she does.

We have now received the X-ray result from Dolores. Unfortunately the results of her ellbows are bad so she won't be a breeding bitch.

Dolores stays with us anyway, she is just an incredibly great dog. She's always in a good mood. It's hard to be angry with her, even if she's done some crap and you actually want to scold her. On October 6, 2019, Dolores passed the companion dog test.

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Name: Dolores vom Marienstätter Hof

Date of birth: 05.12.2016

Father: I'Chablis d'Or de la Ferme d'Uzes

Mother: Mathilda vom Schmiedegärtchen

Size: 66cm

Weight: 49kg

SH Pre-Test: C

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ED: 2/3 (FPC)

OCD: free

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Berner Guard ID: 139177

Age structure value : 166 (09/2020)

Approval: Dolores will not be bred due to the X-ray evaluation

AT Dolores
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