Mathilda vom Schmiedegärtchen

Mathilda moved to us end of January 2015. From the first day she felt at home. She has a high self confidence and is always full of energy. Her biggest passion is the water, she loves to swim and as soon as she is in the water it is hard to convince her to get out of it.

In July 2016 Mathilda passed the breeding test in our club and on beginning of December 2016 she gave birth to the D-litter. On 05.11.2017 she has born the E-litter. We are planning another litter with Mathilda in summer 2019.

Canvas Jute

Name: Mathilda vom Schmiedegärtchen

Geburtsdatum: 27.11.2014

Vater: Monalou For Your Eyes Only

Mutter: Glóey vom Schmiedegärtchen

Größe: 63cm

Gewicht: 45kg

Canvas Jute


ED: 0/0

OCD: frei
Degenerative Myelopathie: Exon1& 2 N/N (frei)

Genomische Zuchtwerte: LL 108, HD 106,

ED 105, MH 110 (B)

Canvas Jute

Bernergarde ID: 121100

Altersstrukturwert: 177 (09/2020)

Körung: Körbericht


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