Adele vom Marienstätter Hof

Adele is the girl we kept from our first litter. She has a great temperament, she is always willing to work and can do a lot of tricks. As her mother she loves water and is a good swimmer.

She passed the breeding test in our club end of 2014 and had her first and only litter in August 2015 with 9 wonderful puppies.

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Name: Adele vom Marienstätter Hof

Date of birth: 26.12.2012

Date of death: 03.09.2019

Father: Hector vom Zabergäu

Mother: Coeur von Alt Bessungen

Size: 62cm

Weight: 41kg

​SH Pre-Test: C

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ED: 0/0

OCD: free
Degenerative Myelopathie: Exon1 N/DM (Träger), Exon2 N/N (frei)

Cause of death: Lung tumor (HS)

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Bernergarde ID: 115484

Alterstrukturwert: 161 (05/2019)

Breeding test: Körbericht


Hector vom Zabergäu

HD: A/A, ED: O/O, OCD: frei

Onkel Sam vom Heidehügl

HD-A, ED-O, OCD frei

Diva vom Zabergäu


Baldus vom Mira Bernina


Faetusa vom Heidehügl

HD-A, ED-1, OCD frei

Wotan von der Krummen Ebene
HD-A, ED-0 OCD frei

Gypsy vom Ruederthal
HD-A/C, ED-0 OCD frei

Easy vom Scheimatthof
HD-A, ED-0, OCD frei

Hexe von Müllers Grund
HD-A, ED-0, OCD frei

Wotan von der Krummen Ebene
HD-A, ED-0 OCD frei

Nona vom Bergmoor
HD-A/A, ED-0

Coeur von Alt Bessungen

HD: A/A ED: 0/0 OCD: frei

Q-Bruno von Müllers Grund

HD-A, ED-0, OCD frei

Sissy vom Bergmoor

HD-B, ED 0/1, OCD frei


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