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Albizzia Timkensi van't Rijkenspark

Rala moved in with us at the end of February, she has settled in well and keeps us busy. Rala has great fun carrying all kind of things around and checking their durability. Outside it is mainly branches, in the house clothes, our bathroom mats or the dog blankets are dragged into their bed.

Rala prefers to play with Dorie, she goes along with any nonsense with her. Rala is not lacking in self-confidence, she is very relaxed in all new situations and if she cannot assess something, she first looks at how our other dogs react to it and then just does the same to be on the safe side.

Canvas Jute

Name: Albizzia Timkensi van't Rijkenspark

Date of birth: 09.11.2019

Father: Noctimbul de Notre Dame de Neiges

Mother: Terra de Bern Shaelynn

Size: ca. 60 cm

Weight: 36 kg

SH Pre-Test: will be tested

Canvas Jute

HD: too young

ED: too young

OCD:too young
Degenerative Myelopathie: will be tested

Canvas Jute

Bernergarde ID: 167513

Altersstrukturwert: 162 (09/2020)

Breeding test: too young

Bildschirmfoto 2020-03-13 um
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